There are many ways you can help contribute to the Kel project. Contributing code, writing documentation, reporting bugs, as well as reading and providing feedback on issues and pull requests, all are valid and necessary ways to help.

If you are going to contribute code you need to read and agree to the Developer Certificate of Origin v1.1.

Questions and Help

When you have questions or need help it's best to join our Kel Slack team and ping us there. It is also valid to create an issue and add the question label to it but it will usually take us longer to answer a question that has been filed as an issue than to help you in Slack.

If you provide us with an example of a bug you ran into, something that isn't working, something you don't understand, we will be able to help you much faster.

Python Code Style

When writing code to be included in Kel keep our Python style in mind:

We would like to enforce a few more strict guides not outlined by PEP8 or Django's coding style:

Go Code Style

Use gofmt. Default settings are what we use when formatting Go code.