Layer 0 Installation: Google Cloud Platform

This guide will take you through writing a cluster configuration and provisioning layer 0 on Google Cloud Platform.

Before we get started, make sure the following is true:

Create a directory anywhere on your filesystem and make it your current working directory:

mkdir my-cluster
cd my-cluster

A requirement of Layer 0 is generating cryptographic keypairs to be used by Kubernetes. This can be easily done by running:

kelctl generate-keys

This will create a keys directory containing everything needed for provisioning.

Using configure we can create the initial configuration:

kelctl configure --layer=0 \
    --name=my-cluster \ \
    --provider=gce \
    --gce-project-id=<your-project-id> \
    --gce-region=us-central1 \

This will produce a file named cluster.yml in your current directory. cluster.yml contains all the configuration needed to interact with all layers of Kel. It is currently configured for only Layer 0.

You are ready to provision Layer 0:

kelctl provision

This will result in a working Layer 0 on Google Cloud Platform. To interact with Layer 0 you should use kubectl after obtaining the credentials:

kelctl set-kubectl-credentials
kubectl --context=kel-my-cluster get nodes

If you see a list of nodes in the Ready state then you have succeeded! You can move on to installing Kel Layer 1 on Layer 0.